Friday, April 16, 2010

A tribute to Saddleback Leather Co

There are certain companies who through their philosophy and their craftsmanship have defined the experience of the modern Leather Vintager; one such company for me is Saddleback Leather Co. Not only does their website sell some of the best classic leather pieces from briefcases to iphone covers, their service is efficient and friendly, and the site itself is an inspiring resource for a discerning leather aficionado.

They have a fun but apt, tongue-in-cheek tag line: ‘They’ll fight over it when you're dead’ where they guarantee their materials and workmanship for a 100 years; the owner Dave Munson clearly does not mess around.

After checking out their site a few hundred times over I decided to try them out and ordered myself a chestnut leather briefcase. Admittedly, together with postage and the hefty customs fee it was not cheap, but man was it worth it! It is truly one of the most beautiful yet absolutely functional leather bags I own and I have no doubt it will travel with me for my entire life.

I was in a glow of appreciation from the moment it first arrived in that box when I spent days admiring and smelling it and even though it was relatively new I already started receiving compliments when I used it.

Saddleback have managed to personalise and invigorate the process of buying and owning a leather bag. The information, the honest personal stories of Dave Munson, the funny answers to FAQ, the inspiring testimonials, their service and the quality creations made the whole process an experience that I would highly recommend.

But the thing that really stands out for me about Dave’s story and the customer photos that he chooses to post on his site is that they are all about the adventure of travelling and an enthusiasm for life. The photos show his leather bags travelling every part of the world, in many strange and wonderful countries and in some very interesting situations, too. Not only are his bags built to last, they are built to travel, explore and enjoy. This is what I find truly inspiring: superior leather craftsmanship with the spirit of adventure for life.

Rule 7 of the Leather Vintager is to have wonderful adventures and travel the world with your leather.

Check Dave and co out at

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