Monday, April 19, 2010

Artelier LaDurance- French Passion for Denim

Artelier LaDurance- Cross Pocket

I discovered Artelier La Durance in Berlin where I bought my first pair. Most of the information I have about raw denim first is inspired through this brand which celebrates the die hard philosophy of the Denim Vintager.

‘Atelier LaDurance is a small scaled, independent French denim label that has the passionate drive to make top crafted products. Based upon stylistic durability, emotion and magic. Articulating a well considered choice: ‘capitalising on quality, instead of quantity’. Aterlier LaDurance offers only unwashed japanese denim in the classic tradition of how all utility wear used to be sold ion the past. Unwashed denim is a sturdy fabric that gets a natural weathered appearance over time. Rich variations and nuances of shading and roughness of texture are what gives it that well-worn-in garment its unique personality.

The individual character if yesteryear utility-wear garments, is mainly achieved by heavy treatment and permanent wear. Washed with an outstanding laundry recipe, a well worn in denim garment will usually far exceed it’s owners expectations of performance.’

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