Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Adventure Begins- First Post

A few years ago I was introduced to the beauty of vintage leather by a close friend  who was buying herself a new leather briefcase. While looking at a particular item she commented on how nice the bag would look after a few years when it had developed character and patina; she seemed to specifically look at bags with an eye to how they would look after time as apposed to just how they looked now. It made the process of owning leather seem like a photograph that would slowly develope over many years of use to find its true beauty.  After buying my first leather bag I too became aware of all the old classic leather pieces around me, leather bags, briefcases, belts, shoes which woke me to a world of classic leather appreciation. 

There is something about well-crafted vintage full grained leather with its rich character, texture and colour acquired over time that makes it a living story book about those who own it.
This was the first time the concept really hit me; that a physical item could actually look better after many years of use, having more value aged than new. This was not only a testament to superior craftsmanship, which is extremely rare these days, but that there truly is an art to aging itself. By this I don’t mean the artificial aging in the way leather and denim is treated before you buy it, I mean the real aging that comes through years and years of use. This seemed like such an appropriate life metaphor that true beauty is revealed through aging and living.

In this day and age we put so much value on having the newest things that we so easily discard our possessions after only a few years or  months. Styles and creations nowadays have a built-in disposability and we seem to have lost the true appreciation for the quality and durability.

So this blog is a celebration of all these things that are classic, timeless and built to last, it is about the craftsmanship involved in making them and the interesting stories of the owners for whom they hold great personal value.

Note about this blog
1.It is a more of a masculine appreciation for classic full grained leather pieces and the stories behind them, in much the same way a good whiskey or a cigar is enjoyed. Ladies and gents are invited alike.
2. This blog is not about erotic leather S&M stories. Anyone with a fetish for black shiny genuine or fake leather is in the wrong place. It’s not that I don’t find black leather outfits sexy but I think there are enough sites about this. 
3.The stories will not all be about leather appreciation, it will include vintage denim and all other things that compliment the style and experience of classic goods that are built to age.

Have fun, I know I will.

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