Monday, April 19, 2010

Burg&Schild- Berlin inspiration for Red Wings and Denim

Burg & Schild- A concept for real guys, denim aficionados, idealists, all those of character, who seek clothes, not costumes.

This incredible shop Burg & Schild in Berlin is the place that really got me inspired in vintage styling of denim and leather. I was sold from the moment we walked in when we were met by the store owner who was dressed in a worn in pair of 1920 vintage levis, with old leather braces, a vintage style t-shirt and a pair of classic white Jack Purcells.

“The shop itself sell clothes that encompass an idea of a past America, with a product line that includes vintage Levis, Filson bags, Redwing boots and Stetson hats, Burg & Schild creates an image—via fashion—of rough-and-tumble, contemporary Urban Wild West. While the vision of America may be a bit romantic, their clothes are anything but. Vintage classics and new takes on jeans and work-wear translate into sturdy, inspired digs. The store is decorated accordingly, clad with an ancient race car, the smell of oil and tar and photographs of Steve McQueen.”

If you are ever in Berlin this is one shop you must visit.

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